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As I mentioned in my previous post, we had a letterboxing craft date today with some homeschool friends. I’ve been dying to get into this ever since I learned about it a couple of years ago. Part of me was waiting for the boys to get a little bigger so they would enjoy it and be able to participate more – I’m glad we waited, now. They had SUCH a great time!

We followed the stamp-making instructions on the LBing website. We used a combination of wood-carving tools and pencils with the eraser pulled out, and both art gum erasers and pink rubber erasers. The art gum erasers were much easier to carve, but they were pretty crumbly. Once completed though, they’re quite charming. I found that it’s best to make large, simple designs form the art gum. The pink erasers are harder to carve, but they have a cleaner finished look. Ours are “first attempts” and they look pretty good, but I think with some attention and a little more patience, they could look spectacular.

The kids drew their designs and we adults helped refine them a bit. The only kid who actually carved her own stamp was my friend SFK’s oldest (age 9). The boys were too wound up to sit and carve (though they both drew) and the other kids were younger and not quite as handy with the tools, so we helped.

LittleBoyBlue opted not to carve his stamp at all, rather he hacked the eraser to bits with the carving tools. I had a bunch of old crafting stamps and he picked a Celtic design that he calls his “ninja stamp” – don’t know why; I suppose it looks ‘ninja-ish’ to him.  PeaGreen chose a turtle, and I did a bat with my name under it. SFK did a cat and her girls did a foot and a caterpillar with her name, and my SIL’s kiddos had their names with a butterfly and star for my niece and nephew respectively.

We went online and found some of the stamps in our area and decided at the last minute to go out and find it. I’m so glad we did! Now, our books are all stamped and we stamped the mini-book in the box (though the paper was wet so we didn’t leave our names or dates because we didn’t have a marker – only a pencil).

The box we found was a tribute box – it’s such a nice way to remember someone. I think we may do a couple of tribute boxes for my grandfathers in the near future. Now, all that’s left to do is to contact the placer of the box and let them know that their box is alive and well (if a bit soggy). I really can’t wait to get started making and placing our own boxes!

If you’re interested in a family-fun togetherness activity, then this is definitely one to check out!




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