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Final Lesson Plans for M2

If you read my post about planning, then you’ve seen how much information I’ve processed in the last week to come up with the final lesson plan for the next 6 weeks (our “M2”).  So here are our final choices, arranged by subject:

History/Geography/Social Studies:

  • Earliest Man to the Creation of Early Civilizations I’m using this almost as-is. It’s 8 lessons, and we’ll probably do 1 lesson each week, but we’ll probably work all 8 into this mod.
  • I found this book, Early Humans, that is a thematic unit study book with tons of cool ideas that I will pull from while we’re working on early history.
  • I am also making use of the online timeline and we’ll be working on making our own paper version as well.
  • Everything from the lesson plan will be mapped in an atlas, and there are great ‘real’ maps at Perry-Castaneda Library Online and I will print out map worksheets as needed for the kids to work on. These are not “kiddie” maps, and I like that.


  • We’re continuing spelling in their workbooks for M2. PeaGreen will have plenty of spelling lessons left in his book to last a couple more mods, and LittleBoyBlue will most likely start Power to Spell in M3.  I will probably start PeaGreen in Power to Spell when he is done with his current book. I wish I had a link on PtS, but it’s OLD old… 1967, published by Houghton Mifflin Company. We’ll supplement that with spelling lists from’s spelling lists as needed.


  • My boys start the morning with copywork from the board. I write a few lines of a poem (whichever one we’re working on) and they copy. Most of that is coming from Ambleside Online’s poetry list or one of the books recommended. I did find this notebook – RediSpace from Mead “training” notebook to help kids learn proper spacing when writing. I’m going to start the boys in this notebook for copywork this week.
  • They both still have their handwriting books from their former school, so we’ll probably add in a page or two per week in that. My friend compiled a few links for kids who hate to write in her blog, so I’m going to look more into them to see if we can use any of that.
  • Journal is something we need to work more on this mod. I write a prompt on the whiteboard and they will do that after copywork and Morning Meeting (which is calendar, weather, and we go over our charts (math, clock, character traits, alphabet, days of week, months, seasons, etc).
  • Narration – we’re going to work more of this as well in every subject that requires literature or that we do orally. I’ll read and let them tell me what they learned, and then write a couple of lines in a notebook.


  • PeaGreen has plenty of work in his workbooks to keep him occupied for this mod. Once we finish basic math, we’ll start working on money. I bought some place value flats, rods and units to help him with those concepts. (Mine are for an overhead projector, so they’re clear yellow, and didn’t come with the cube, but they’ll work just fine.)
  • LittleBoyBlue is going to be working on fractions and I bought some manipulatives to help illustrate those concepts to him.  (not exactly the picture, but close. Mine are for an overhead projector and only go to 1/8 – but, they were much cheaper and illustrate the same concept.)

  • I also bought a Math Minutes workbook for LittleBoyBlue to start in; we’ll begin Saxon 3 in Mod 3 or 4, I think.
  • We’ll use game sites like Mad Math Minutes to brush up on skills or possibly for Friday tests just to change things up a bit.
  • We’ll also use to make sure we’re on-task with Texas testing requirements for their grade levels. (There’s a commentary about standardized testing coming soon, too.)

Phonics/Grammar/Language Arts, Literature & Reading

  • My boys are both pretty good at reading and writing, but they’ve learned with “whole language” style (sight words). We’re going to go back and re-lay a good phonetic foundation with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.
  • We’ll still work on their word banks and our word wall, and use the pocket chart more to create sentences and to work on punctuation. I know LittleBoyBlue was working on basic punctuation correction in his former school, so we may start that this mod as well, but probably on the board or the pocket chart.
  • For Literature & Reading, we’ll continue with Shakespeare and some additional stories from the Blue, Red or Green Fairy books.
  • The boys will both have leveled readers that they’ll read from every day for 20-30 minutes. I’ll make more of an effort to catalog the books they’re reading for this mod, too so we can have a lovely printed report at the end of the mod.


  • We’re using a couple of school textbooks, so we’ll continue with that. We’re studying plant life/life cycle, so a trip to the local botanical garden will be a field trip this mod, and also boxed planters and we’ll plant some herbs and maybe tomatoes or something to watch grow and keep a log about it.


  • We’ll continue to have Mozart during math and our composer study will go along with our art lesson (music playing while we do art).

Life Skills/Home Economics/Etiquette/ Social Skills/Volunteering

  • This will continue to be chores, learning about how our household works, Tuesday Tea, playgroup and good citizenship activities (like picking up litter and such). We’ll also plan a volunteer activity for sometime this mod.

I think that’s pretty much everything! I have most of their lessons added to the computer (Homeschool Tracker) and what’s not will be added as we do it.




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