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Record Keeping for Dummies

So I was browsing homeschooling stuff online and I came across this, Homeschool Tracker. It’s a free, downloadable program that you can use to keep track of everything from schedules to attendance to grades – awesome! I was struggling a bit with trying to figure out how to keep track of and “do”grades, and I think that this program is going to help with that. Anyway – Just thought I’d share.



Updated to add: We’re on day 2 of using this and it seems to be working quite well, I’ve put in enough info to check out some of the reporting features like report cards and such, and it seems like it will be exactly what I didn’t know I needed! This week is the end of our grading period, so I am going to go back and add our work from the last 4 weeks and print report cards. I’ll update again after I do.


One response

  1. Jenny M. Wiseman

    Interesting! Excellent commentary. haha I dig this site! It never ceases to amaze me why folks do the things they do though. 🙂

    February 18, 2010 at 7:16 pm

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