Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.

A Week in Review (with pictures!)

One of the best things about homeschooling is that when you wake up and KNOW that if you try to follow the prescribed plan for the day you will accomplish nothing, you can change the day’s plans on the fly and without a problem. Our Tuesday this week was one such day.

I chart my fertility cycles, so it is rare that something happens with my body that is unexpected. Yesterday, I woke up to a surprisingly unexpected visit from “aunt flo” if you know what I mean. In light of recent events (including a surprise pregnancy last April and tragic miscarriage last June, plans to TTC again put on hold due to gall bladder surgery and now unsuccessful TTCing for the past few months), this visit was not a pleasant event, and did not bode well for Mom’s patience and ability to focus on “doing school”…

So, we took our homeschooling selves on a field trip. Completely unplanned, and not really related to anything we’re studying right now, but that’s okay. I took the boys to the Texas Energy Museum and we learned all about how crude oil is manufactured into gasoline, and about the history and founding of our city. One of the coolest features about this museum is that they have mannequins at various places throughout, in period dress, outfitted with a holographic projector that makes it seem as if there is a person standing there talking to you, telling their story. It’s really, really neat and kinda disturbing at the same time.

This museum opened during the years I was homeschooled, and my mom organized a big homeschoolers field trip there. The holograms made a lasting impression, so I was keen on the idea of my boys seeing them. Unfortunately, all but one of them were non-functioning. Grr…  Not a big deal, since we can go back anytime, but still.

We had lunch and went to Goodwill to scrounge through there books (I get a lot of books from there) and then made our way back home for some Wii entertainments. Overall, it was a much better day than I had anticipated, and I am very glad that we are in a position to adjust the day’s plans and activities to meet our needs.

Wednesday was more “on track”; we had a super early school day and then went to playgroup, lunch, the library and to visit some friends to welcome their new baby. Thursday was the last day of our school week, so we had spelling and math tests, art appreciation and a trip to the dentist in the afternoon for teeth-cleaning, and then to the grocery store.

Thursday evening, I spent cutting fabric for quilts for the boys’ beds – well, soon to be. we’re getting bunk beds and need decor. Unfortunately, it’s expensive and none of it seems to “grow” with them that we like, so I’m making bed-spread quilts for them both. I have made quilted blankets before, but this is my first (and second) real patchwork-pieced quilt. I’m excited about finishing them. I’m working on both of them simultaneously and have no idea how long it will take. So far, I have this:

I’ve also been working on some homeschooling-related sewing projects. One of the things I wanted to have was a wall chart with clear pockets for words and sentence construction (kinda like this one), but they’re expensive – $20 or more, depending on size. I found black nylon at Joann’s yesterday for $2.00 and got clear vinyl for $4.00 and made this:

I also wanted a place value chart like this one, but again, didn’t want to pay that much when I knew I could make one, so I did. This is made from leftover vinyl from the pocket chart and a scrap of fabric that I had lying around, and I made all of the cards from sentence strips and index cards.

In effect, for free! I truly enjoy making “stuff” more than clothing. I never could get into making clothes, especially for myself, but craft-sewing – I am all about craft sewing!




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