Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.

Day 2

I am unsure how the posts on this blog will evolve, so if you’re subscribing and are expecting to see “Day 3” tomorrow and so on, then let me disabuse you of that notion. I am neither consistent enough nor obsessive enough to commit to keeping a daily log every single day, however, I can promise to periodically review what we’re doing and how my methods are working and how we’re evolving as a homeschooling family.

That said, today, Day 2, went quite well – better than yesterday, even. We got up a little bit earlier because we had plans for this morning and I knew we would be leaving soon. The boys had breakfast and we sat down with handwriting/copywork and journal. That seems to be the most challenging for both of my boys, so we knocked that out when they were still fresh and well-rested. That was one of my complaints about public school – that the mornings when the kids were refreshed and better able to commit to desk work were being wasted on activities and lessons like music, art and PE that would have them up and moving about – better suited for afternoons when they’re restless. Yesterday, I forgot that lesson and ended the day with copywork – bad move! So today, we finished up with art appreciation (Raphael and “A Night’s Dream” discussion and rendering on paper). That worked out much better. We didn’t have a full science lesson today; I got a book from the library on building structures from popsicle sticks, so that is on the agenda for tomorrow.

Again, that is one of the reasons that I am excited, more convinced that homeschooling is right for us, and happy overall – I CAN tailor our science study to what PeaGreen (and to a lesser extent LittleBoyBlue) is interested in. PeaGreen is ALL about Lego’s right now, so anything to do with building and structural principles seems like the perfect way to incorporate learning into our day. Otherwise, I think 1st grade is learning about plants or mammals – something we’re covering only once a week right now in Nature Studies (mammals now, plants in the months to come).

This was our first trip to the library “officially” as a homeschooling family. I played the mean momma and made each of the boys pick out 2 chapter books that were at their reading level in addition to whatever else they chose. I think they’re enjoying reading more in the last few days – they’re more willing and eager to grab a book when I say no TV, at least, which makes me happy. I also found books that coordinated with our lessons – books on Canada, The Great Lakes Indians (for history/geography) and Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes (which we have, but I cannot locate and we need it for a unit study for next week).

All in all, I am very pleased with the progression of today’s events. I don’t think today was a clean example of our daily routine, but it did help reinforce the idea of being flexible – and of being able to be flexible. We still didn’t end lessons until nearly 3PM, but that was with a nearly five-hour break between morning lessons and finishing up this afternoon. Though that won’t happen every day, it is nice to have it happen and not wreck the day.



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