Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.

Almost Ready!

I know that having a “room” for school in our house is a complete luxury. After seeing some of the spaces that other homeschooling families have carved out in their living rooms, kitchens or corners, I am both aware and very thankful that we have a home that allows a dedicated space for our educational endeavors.

I have transformed our laundry room/media/game room (which is a closed-in former garage) into our school room. Although truthfully, there was a lot of junk that ended up in that room, too. I’ve purged boxes and clothing and other stuff that we’ve held on to for no apparent reason. The space is really coming together!

I took a bit of inspiration from NicandBoy’s room – it’s one that I’ve seen referenced over and over again when I was looking for ideas, and no wonder – it’s great! My kids’ colors (LittleBoyBLUE and PeaGREEN) also needed to be represented, so I used all 3 colors – a bright orange for my space, a nice blue for LittleBoyBlue and a lovely shade of spring green for PeaGreen. Balanced with white in the “non-school” areas of the room (because it is still our laundry room, after all) and the bright colors in the school space are balanced with an almond/taupe shade that is neutral. I’ll add curtains (for the 2 windows) and a rug as soon as I find fabric that works and a rug that compliments.

We have a small wall painted with chalkboard paint, and I have another chalkboard that I will be hanging tomorrow. I have a whiteboard poster-board hung on the back of one of the doors, so we’re set for writing demonstrations on an alternative to plain, boring paper! I also have the big desk computer set up and will be bringing at least one, maybe two of my big bookcases in there for storage and to set up the kids’ library.

It’s so cool to see this all coming together! I can’t wait till tomorrow evening when (theoretically) it’s done!




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